Faifo hotel Da Nang

Faifo hotel Da Nang

200 Hai Phong, Da Nang

Investor: Indochina Railway Trading Investment Company

Land area: 7289.30 m2.

Hotel area: 3985 m2.

Indochine style in architecture - interior is the image of cultural - unified history, romance and living art. Indochine style still proves its persistence and develops continuously over time. But it is not really easy to create an unique Indochine design.

The Faifo Danang Hotel project has an overall white color that creates a cool feeling suitable for the Vietnamese climate, and the emerald green colors are cleverly adorned to create a distinctive character. The halls, hotel floors and restaurants are prioritized for exposure to natural light, with views of the surrounding area. Aesthetic and gourmet is highlighted in the arrangement of the space. The combination of colors and motifs of wooden materials, brass, and oriental tiles. The image of the glass doors, the arched walls, the interior decorations influenced by the European style.

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