Da Lat Mountain Railway Hotel

Da Lat Mountain Railway Hotel

Quang Trung road, Dalat

Client: Indochina Railway Trading Investment Company

Design & build: 2019 - 2021

Area: 24,159.2 m2

SOW: architecture, interior, landscape infrastructure.

Da Lat is famous of its beautiful nature elements and also its historical past; such as the ancient Indochina Station which was built by the French since 1932. The Dalat Railway station was designed accordingly to Southern French railway station with the protruding part from the roof and indented the leg in the vertical direction. The station has 3 pointed peaks, symbolizing Langbiang Mountain - the highest peak in the region. With the idea of building of Southern France architectural structures and element into Dalat nature, this distinct Dalat Railway Station Hotel was born. The concept of romantic, dreamy, the most important to retain the beauty of nature. The image of tiled roofs glowing with sunshine under green trees and flowers spread like a beautiful village. Opposite is the unique chain of railway hotel rooms arranged in an "orderly" manner with flowers and plants creating a peaceful feeling, not hurry like what people often think about trains.

It must be said that the architect who did this design is a person who has a lot of emotions with Da Lat, a strange love.

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